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Hijrah: what for?

When we think about our hijrah, we start to list a series of things that we ‘wish’, almost ‘want’ before even moving to dar al-Islam.

The list could be long: first of all I want to live in THIS city, I cannot live anywhere else in Algeria, otherwise I prefer to stay in Europe (Allahul Must’an). I want a house, I cannot live in a flat…. my children have to attend a school that is 100% on the manhaj… my husband has to work during the day, not long hours please otherwise we won’t be able to see him … and the list could be even longer. We ask Allah to guide us and purify our niya.  Continue reading


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Living in the non-Muslim Lands – Shaykh Muhammed ibn Hadee al-Madkhali

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Escaping to the West – Shaikh Rabee’


Shaykh Rabee’ on Hijrah to Britain
Question about Escaping to the West answered by Shaykh Rabee’ Al-Madkhalee may Allaah preserve him.

On more than one occasion, Shaykh Rabee’ has made the points translated below. In fact, he says these things every time he is asked about migrating to the West and living there.


May Allaah be benevolent to you; here is a question from the Salafi youth in Britain. They are asking about the ruling on residing in the lands of the unbelievers in order to escape the injustice of rulers in some Muslim countries. [They also ask about] the ruling on taking a British nationality.  Continue reading

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Shaykh Azhar Seniqra – Conseils aux soeurs sur la manière d’utiliser les réseaux sociaux

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Hijra Conseil


Quoi ?

HIjra Conseil, ce sont des services pour conseiller et aider nos frères et soeurs à accomplir leur hijra, s’installer et vivre dans un pays musulman. Et c’est gratuit pour tous et toutes !

Pourquoi ?

Parce que la hijra est une obligation religieuse ; et que beaucoup cherchent de l’aide pour l’accomplir, mais ne la trouve pas…

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