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Témoignage d’une soeur qui a fait la hijra à Alger


1) Avec qui es- tu partie ? (enfants, mari, famille etc)
Mon mari et ma fille. mes autres enfants sont nés ici

2) Quel Pays ?

3) Quel Ville ?

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Eid Sweets – Algerian Style – M’khabez

I don’t usually go all Algerian when it comes to Eid baking, or any baking for that matter, but I wanted to do one Algerian style sweet or cake along with other simpler non-Algerian ones. So today, I’m sharing a recipe for M’khabez. If you’ve ever had North African sweets, you’ve probably tried something like this and just not known what it’s called (very much like myself, who had to ask friends before posting this!) It’s basically a nut-filled, syrup-soaked pastry, a lot like the other Algerian sweet pictures I’ve shared in the past:  Continue reading

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[Programme] Cours avec les savants sur Algér

Voici le programme des Cours (Semaines) des Savants sur la ville d’Alger:

Cours le Mercredi:
Après la prière Sobh:
Cheikh Reda Bouchama : Charh Djami’ Bayan al ‘Ilm wa fadlh de Al Hafidh Ibn AbdelBar suivi du Charh Riyadh-Salihin

Après la prière Al-Maghreb:
Cheikh Nadjib : (Ain Naadja)

Cheikh Abbas : Explication d’un livre de l’imam Ach Chawkani (Belota)

Cours Dimanche :

Après la prière Sobh:
Cheikh Ferkous : Questions/Réponses (dans sa Bibliothèque)
Cheikh Reda BouChama : Charh Ryadh As-Salihin (Masjid al wial, Said Hamdine)
Après la prière Al-Asr :
Cheikh Ferkous : Questions/Réponses (dans sa bibliothéque)

Après la prière Al-Maghreb:
Cheikh Azedine Ramadhani : Tafsir Sourate Saad Charh Al-Adab Al Moufrad (Ain Naadja)
Cheikh Azhar Sniqra : Tafsir, Charh Sahih Al-Boukhari (Les pins maritimes)
Cheikh Mohammad : Charh Oumdat Al Ahkam, Charh Sahih Al-Boukhari (Belota)
Cheikh Nadjib : (Kouba – Masjid Al Hidaya)

(liste non exhaustive)


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The Adhans’ time


Algeria is an amazing country….
Algeria has got sea, Algeria has got mountains, Algeria has got desert….. Overall Algeria has got beautiful people, a real sisterhood and a real brotherhood.
All of that has touched me very much and I love it profoundly.
But on the top of that, there is something else I would like to share.
Few years ago, I went on my first trip to Algiers (Alger LA BLANCHE), I felt at home, actually better than my own homeland; it was as to be at home within an Islamic environment. It sounded all so familiar, so noisy…..that almost overtook one of the most beautiful things I have EVER heard…..THE ADHANS’ Time.
Then it came night time, the Fajar time…..the Adhans’ Time….
In the quietness of a hot dawn, suddenly the Adhan started…..Allahu akbar , Allahu akbar…..and before it ended a second adhan began, and a third one and a fourth one…… I could hear almost five adhans altogether, mashallah, Allahu akbar!
Tears started to flow….I wished I could share it with the rest of the world.

Umm Abdulkarim

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