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MASHAYKHDZ : la da’wah des Mashaykh d’Algérie en langue française

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Algérie: terre d’Islam?



Quel est votre avis concernant la personne qui ne fait pas de différence entre l’Algérie, l’Angleterre ou tout autre pays européen mécréant ?

Et lorsqu’on lui demande s’il est permis de voyager vers un pays mécréant, elle répond : où penses-tu être maintenant ?


Louange à Allah et que les éloges et le salut d’Allah soient sur celui après qui il n’y aura plus de prophète, ainsi que sur sa famille et sur ses compagnons, jusqu’au Jour de la Rétribution.

Ceci dit:

Comparer l’Algérie à un pays mécréant, comme l’Angleterre, la France ou l’Allemagne, revient à comparer un pays qui gouverne avec l’islam et d’autres qui ne gouvernent qu’avec la mécréance.

C’est donc une manière de rendre mécréant l’ensemble des gens ou l’ensemble de la société, et personne n’ignore que cela est contraire à la croyance et aux fondements de Ahl As-Sunnah wal-Jamâ’ah.  Continue reading

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Tazkiyyah de Shaykh Rabi’ pour les mashaykh d’Algérie

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The woman increases more in worship during Ramadan – Sheikh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee


Questioner inquires:

What is the Muslim Woman’s agenda in Ramadan so that she can worship Allah by way of it and at the same time complete the services of the people of her household?

Sheikh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee, may Allah preserve him, answers: We say that the Muslim Woman’s agenda is that of the (Muslim) Mans. However the Muslim Women increases in worship.

  • That is because when the women strives in the service of her husband and the members of her household and she prepares food for them that which will sufice them, then she is in obedience to Allah, ‘azza wa jall, provided that she seeks the reward from Allah. Therefore, in this is a reward for her and also an increasement for her good deeds.
  • And it is befitting for the Muslim Women when she is preparing the food that she busys her tongue with the rememberance of Allah. So while she is cooking she glorifies Allah, while she is cooking she is saying tahleel (Laa ilaaha illa Allah/ None has the right to be worshipped except Allah), while she is cooking she is remembering Allah and in that she will have a tremendous reward.
  • (Like this) preparing food will never divert her from the obedience of her Lord, Glorified is He, during the day of Ramadan.

So congratulations to the Muslim Women who services her husband and the members of her household and she seeks the reward from Allah, ‘azza wa jall, and by that she does not become heedless concerning the rememberance of Allah and she performs what she is capable of doing from the different acts of worship during the day of Ramadan. For indeed she has achieved a great success.

Source: http://www.sahab.net/forums/

Translated by http://mtws.posthaven.com


Advice to a [Muslim] Resident in Non-Muslim Lands


It should not be overlooked that traveling to non-Muslim countries, residing there and living amongst them is from the greatest damages and dangerous risks on the religion of the Muslim. Furthermore, his residency there entails damages and calamities which are reflected on his behavior, morality and customs. He is not safe in three of his inviolable limits: body, honor and wealth. Cohabitation –As it is well known– entails conformity, and induces to the degeneracy and the acquisition of the unbelievers’ character as well as to their imitation in their habits, celebrations, to speak their language and to resemble them in their behavior and characters, in addition to what they manifest by way of their disbelief and atheism. …

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