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Madrassa Coraniya Nafi3 Madani in Oran


Madrassa coraniya Nafi3 Madani in Oran was opened at the presence of Shaikh Abdelkhaleq Madi and cheikh Abdelhakim Dahas.

They offer Quran classes for women, girls, men and boys with separate entrances. The administration is on the Sunnah and there are only people on the manhaj working there. Continue reading

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MASHAYKHDZ : la da’wah des Mashaykh d’Algérie en langue française

Twitter : @MashaykhDz

Telegram : telegram.me/mashaykhdz


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Registering children at school in Algeria


Children in Algeria start school when they are six years old. For example, if you want to register your child to start school in September 2016, his date of birth should be between 01/01/2010 and 31/12/2010. In this case you can register him/her at the Primary School.

The documents to give to the school office are (although we advise to double check with the school your child will attend):

  • child birth certificate
  • parents residency certificate (primary schools allow the registration for children who are local but can accept children from different areas in some circumstances. In that case parents have to discuss it with the headteacher).
  • the school form filled it in by the parents (the school will provide it)
  • child vaccines book or the vaccines certification

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‘Eid in Algeria


The first time I prayed ‘Eid (ul-Fitr) in Algeria was in a small masjid, well it felt small because there were so many women ma shaa Allah. The second time I prayed it (‘Eid ul-Adha) was in a bigger masjid, not far from home, and that was the best ‘Eid prayer I have ever attended, because of the imam recitation, may Allah preserve him!

Many of us living in the west, and maybe with a ‘not so traditional’ background, are used to spend ‘Eids with other sisters, or making the day ‘special’ for the kids. There are masajid organising ‘fun’ events for sisters and children so many of us get really involved and find the day of ‘Eid itself being hectic and exciting!  Continue reading

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Algérie: terre d’Islam?



Quel est votre avis concernant la personne qui ne fait pas de différence entre l’Algérie, l’Angleterre ou tout autre pays européen mécréant ?

Et lorsqu’on lui demande s’il est permis de voyager vers un pays mécréant, elle répond : où penses-tu être maintenant ?


Louange à Allah et que les éloges et le salut d’Allah soient sur celui après qui il n’y aura plus de prophète, ainsi que sur sa famille et sur ses compagnons, jusqu’au Jour de la Rétribution.

Ceci dit:

Comparer l’Algérie à un pays mécréant, comme l’Angleterre, la France ou l’Allemagne, revient à comparer un pays qui gouverne avec l’islam et d’autres qui ne gouvernent qu’avec la mécréance.

C’est donc une manière de rendre mécréant l’ensemble des gens ou l’ensemble de la société, et personne n’ignore que cela est contraire à la croyance et aux fondements de Ahl As-Sunnah wal-Jamâ’ah.  Continue reading


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