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More traditional craft stuff!

From Umm Ibrahim, more traditional crafty stuff…

The turquoise set that I want but we didn’t get because we don’t know how to get it home intact. There were far more pieces than this though; there were also couscous dish, oval fish plates, laban jug and mugs, large serving plates, beautiful latticed fruit bowl. I’m so disappointed! I now wish we’d bought it and brought it back a few pieces at a time, leaving the rest at my in-laws to collect later!

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Traditional Algerian Crafts

I love all the traditional Algerian/North African handicrafts – there’s just too much that I want to buy! We went to a market this week for a browse and there was just so much to see and at such reasonable prices.

The traditional clay dinner services were gorgeous; the one I want is like the orange and lime ones in the pic below but in turquoise. The plate with a pyramid lid is for serving cous cous and the lidded bowl beneath that is for shorba (soup).

The clay plates in the photo below are tagines for baking traditional Algerian semoline bread, matlou’. There is the type with a plain base or the spotted one has a patterned base so the underneath of the bread comes out with a nice pattern.

Clay couscousieres… the bottom part is for making the stew and the top part is a steamer for the couscous, it has holes in it.

Beautiful, intricate woollen woven rugs:

Random tiling that you see around the place on walls and even around the outside tap in my in-laws house. This was just a tiled area on a wall and you buy this sort of thing framed to hang at home:

Umm Ibrahim