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Hijrah: what for?

When we think about our hijrah, we start to list a series of things that we ‘wish’, almost ‘want’ before even moving to dar al-Islam.

The list could be long: first of all I want to live in THIS city, I cannot live anywhere else in Algeria, otherwise I prefer to stay in Europe (Allahul Must’an). I want a house, I cannot live in a flat…. my children have to attend a school that is 100% on the manhaj… my husband has to work during the day, not long hours please otherwise we won’t be able to see him … and the list could be even longer. We ask Allah to guide us and purify our niya.  Continue reading

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Les photos exclusives du village de Shaykh Abou Oussama à Ghardaia

Bismillah Ar-Rahmani Rahim

Photos ci-dessus : Le village il y a quelques années Continue reading

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[Programme] Cours avec les savants sur Algér

Voici le programme des Cours (Semaines) des Savants sur la ville d’Alger:

Cours le Mercredi:
Après la prière Sobh:
Cheikh Reda Bouchama : Charh Djami’ Bayan al ‘Ilm wa fadlh de Al Hafidh Ibn AbdelBar suivi du Charh Riyadh-Salihin

Après la prière Al-Maghreb:
Cheikh Nadjib : (Ain Naadja)

Cheikh Abbas : Explication d’un livre de l’imam Ach Chawkani (Belota)

Cours Dimanche :

Après la prière Sobh:
Cheikh Ferkous : Questions/Réponses (dans sa Bibliothèque)
Cheikh Reda BouChama : Charh Ryadh As-Salihin (Masjid al wial, Said Hamdine)
Après la prière Al-Asr :
Cheikh Ferkous : Questions/Réponses (dans sa bibliothéque)

Après la prière Al-Maghreb:
Cheikh Azedine Ramadhani : Tafsir Sourate Saad Charh Al-Adab Al Moufrad (Ain Naadja)
Cheikh Azhar Sniqra : Tafsir, Charh Sahih Al-Boukhari (Les pins maritimes)
Cheikh Mohammad : Charh Oumdat Al Ahkam, Charh Sahih Al-Boukhari (Belota)
Cheikh Nadjib : (Kouba – Masjid Al Hidaya)

(liste non exhaustive)