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Eid Sweets – Algerian Style – M’khabez

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I don’t usually go all Algerian when it comes to Eid baking, or any baking for that matter, but I wanted to do one Algerian style sweet or cake along with other simpler non-Algerian ones. So today, I’m sharing a recipe for M’khabez. If you’ve ever had North African sweets, you’ve probably tried something like this and just not known what it’s called (very much like myself, who had to ask friends before posting this!) It’s basically a nut-filled, syrup-soaked pastry, a lot like the other Algerian sweet pictures I’ve shared in the past: 



They can look quite intricate at times (and possibly intimidating) but if you like to get arty in the kitchen, you might like to try this!

Click here for the recipe >> http://fruitfulfusion.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/eid-sweets-algerian-style-mkhabez.html

Source: http://www.fruitfulfusion.blogspot.co.uk  – barakallahu fiki!

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