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My Algeria: ehlen we sehlen


This time a taxi driver is waiting for us. He recognises us straight away, as if we were in Italy where you notice a niqab straight away. It looks like as if my husband has been knowing him for his entire life but it’s not the case: they are only from the same city.

We follow him outside.

The door opens up and shoots on us some air – hot air of course.
We continue our route: shirts, t-shirts, hijab, qamis, trousers, niqab, abeyet.
And all of a sudden you find yourself in a place where you are still the same, you are just not so strange anymore.
Your strangeness, here, is not the dress, but that “absurd” search for a coherent life.  Continue reading

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The desert as our background


When you leave for holidays, you take with you only what is necessary… but later  you realise how many useless things you have, you understand you could live with much less.

When you live in a place where poverty is a reality, you don’t throw away anything because you could easily give it away without fear of offending anyone… and you realise how we are used to pride, arrogance and waste.

When you are among people who, one by one, leave for the call of prayer, who praise and thank Allah despite their problems, your faith grows and you do your best to improve, with the help of Allah… and you realise how often you are lazy and complain about silly things.  Continue reading