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[Story] Algeria? Where is that?

pic1El Aouna, Jijel, Algeria

Although Algeria is the largest country in Africa and is about 9.8 times the size of the UK mainland it rarely gets a mention in International news coverage.  To be honest I knew absolutely nothing about the country when I met my husband.  When he told me where he was from I thought to myself ‘he’s very light skinned for a Nigerian!’  I knew where Morocca and Tunisa was but Algeria?  Hadn’t a clue!  I knew nothing about the country or its inhabitants and even after we were married I could never find any books on Algeria other than the Berlitz guide which was quite interesting and useful but not from a personal point of view.  Of course there were books in French but these didn’t look too exciting and seemed to be either very dry political treatises on the country or books by or about the heroes who fought for the independence of the country and their stories.  I could never find anything modern, in English about what it was like to live, or even visit here, least of all anything from a foreign point of view.

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Témoignage d’une mouhajira de Chlef

Témoignage d'une Mouhajira de Chlef

De quelle ville viens-tu?
Je suis de Chlef, je me suis mariée en France, j’ai vécu 4 ans en France à Martigues non loin de Marseille

Quelles sont tes origines?
Je suis algérienne

Dans quelle ville vis-tu?
À Chlef

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