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‘Eid in Algeria


The first time I prayed ‘Eid (ul-Fitr) in Algeria was in a small masjid, well it felt small because there were so many women ma shaa Allah. The second time I prayed it (‘Eid ul-Adha) was in a bigger masjid, not far from home, and that was the best ‘Eid prayer I have ever attended, because of the imam recitation, may Allah preserve him!

Many of us living in the west, and maybe with a ‘not so traditional’ background, are used to spend ‘Eids with other sisters, or making the day ‘special’ for the kids. There are masajid organising ‘fun’ events for sisters and children so many of us get really involved and find the day of ‘Eid itself being hectic and exciting!  Continue reading

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Témoignage d’une Mouhajira de Constantine

Témoignage d'une Mouhajira de Constantine

De quelle ville viens-tu?
Je viens de la région parisienne

Quelles sont tes origines?
Je suis d’origine française

Dans quelle ville vis-tu ?
Je vis à Ali Mendjeli, pas loin de Constantine

Pourquoi avoir choisi l’Algérie ?
Tout simplement parce que mon époux est algérien et vivais déjà ici.

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My first halaqah in Arabic – a short story

oued sly

I entered this house, just there in our neighbourhood, the sister welcomed me with a nice smile on her face and showed me the ‘salon’, the room where the halaqah was going to be. Before entering the room, I saw a ‘hajjah’ sitting on the floor and all the sisters who had arrived before me, stopping by to greet her and kiss her. I joined them of course, alhamdulillah. It’s always nice to meet the old women in Algeria, they are my favourite ma shaa Allah. They always have a lot to tell you about and you can notice the ‘history’ showing on their faces… may Allah give them all al-Fardaws amin.

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