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Because when we say ‘M’hadjeb’ we say ‘Algeria’ !!! Ma shaa Allah! Who doesn’t love them? Here is a post we share from Umm Ibrahim – barakaAllahu fiha!


Yesterday morning I sat with my sister-in-law for practical lessons in how to make M’hadjeb. It’s something I have wanted to learn to make for a long time now so it’s about time! M’hadjeb is similar in principle to the Pakistani/Indian Paratha in that it is a flat chapatti type of bread with a filling; in the case of M’hadjeb though, the dough is made from semolina rather than regular flour.

It is a very economical recipe at this time of year since semolina is a staple of North Africa and onions, tomatoes and peppers are in season and are cheap. Tomatoes are around 10Dinars/kilo (50halala/kg; 7p/kg)

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