Our Algeria, for sisters by sisters

Informations about Algeria

The Adhans’ time

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Algeria is an amazing country….
Algeria has got sea, Algeria has got mountains, Algeria has got desert….. Overall Algeria has got beautiful people, a real sisterhood and a real brotherhood.
All of that has touched me very much and I love it profoundly.
But on the top of that, there is something else I would like to share.
Few years ago, I went on my first trip to Algiers (Alger LA BLANCHE), I felt at home, actually better than my own homeland; it was as to be at home within an Islamic environment. It sounded all so familiar, so noisy…..that almost overtook one of the most beautiful things I have EVER heard…..THE ADHANS’ Time.
Then it came night time, the Fajar time…..the Adhans’ Time….
In the quietness of a hot dawn, suddenly the Adhan started…..Allahu akbar , Allahu akbar…..and before it ended a second adhan began, and a third one and a fourth one…… I could hear almost five adhans altogether, mashallah, Allahu akbar!
Tears started to flow….I wished I could share it with the rest of the world.

Umm Abdulkarim

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