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How to apply for residence in Algeria (for non-Algerians)

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To apply for residence in Algeria, you will have to visit the ‘bureau d’etranger’ at your local Police station. The following are the documents and paper works you will need to provide. But make sure to ask in advance! As each wilaya may ask for slightly different things (some may ask more, others may ask less documents).

You will need:

  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your VISA
  • birth certificate (translated in Arabic or French)
  • medical exams
  • blood group card
  • residence card of the person sponsoring you i.e. father in law etc
  • proof of registration at your Consulate in Algeria
  • work permit (if applicable) or affidativ if unemployed
  • marriage certificate (make sure it has been registered at your Consulate)
  • photos (ask how many you need at your local Police Station)
  • forms to fill in (will be provided by the Police)

We advise you to make ALL the above ready before you apply and most of all, ask at your local Police Station first!

The waiting time may vary in the different wilayas. They used to give a residence card valid for 10 years but the law has recently changed and it’s now valid for 2 years. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal!

Have sabr (patience) and renew your niya of hijrah continiously! May Allah make it easy for all of us!

The Our Algeria Team

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