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Ramadan in Algeria

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Ramadan in Algeria has a special feeling! Knowing the whole of the country is fasting.

The smell of chorba & borek whisking through the air.. the cinnamon from lahm lahlou. 

Men returning from work with bread sticks stuck under their arms.. kids running to the corner shop for gazeuse before Maghrib.

The collective adhaan ringing out from every corner. The masjids full of worshippers thanking their Lord for their day.

A family table, the hustle & bustle, hungry tummies fed.. souls being replenished.

Loudspeakers boom out the recitations of Tarawih.. sitting in the garden hearing the word of Allah from all around.

Night time brings zlabiya & qalb elouz.. mint tea flowing.. mid night Connections with our creator through the reading of His book.

As sahour time arrives the soul prepares for another day.. cous cous & laban, brioche & croissant, a final meal.

Algeria has a special feel in Ramadan.. a community feel.. a togetherness feel.. A feeling you wont find anywhere else.


One thought on “Ramadan in Algeria

  1. Masha’Allah beautifully written Kirsty and so ‘spot on’- you have summed up the atmosphere in Algeria perfectly!


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