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From Germany to Algeria – interview with a muhajirah

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Where are you from and where about in Algeria do you live?

I am from Germany and live in Algiers.

How long have you been living there?

Since 2003.

Did you easily settle in Algeria? 

I visited Algeria once before I migrated in 2003 so I did not know the country and culture very well. That was quiet challenging, as many thing where very different to my life in Germany. But I was eager to adapt and considered each obstacle as a way to get further in my life experience.

What was hard at the beginning? And what you saw as a blessing from Allah?

At the beginning I had no clue of the algerian mentality. It took me very long to understand why people act in a certain way and say certain things. Also the food was different and I feel ill many times in the beginning. In 2003 Algeria was very different to now. A lot of things you find now, were not available at this time. But alhamduliLah that teached me a great lesson: to be happy with whatever you have. alhamduliLah.

Do your children attend public school? Did they settle easily?

We tried different options with my kids, alhamduliLah my kids were all born here, expect the eldest that came here at the age of ten months, so I have no worries here.

What would you never change of Algeria?

The islamic movement in Algeria is unique Masha Allah.

Do you attend Islamic classes?

Yes, alhamduliLah. In Algiers there many different classes you can attend.

Have you learnt the language?

Yes, alhamduliLah.

Name 3 things you love about Algeria?

I love the mosques, the mountains and the helpfullness of the people.

The Our Algeria Team

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