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Madrassa Coraniya Nafi3 Madani in Oran

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Madrassa coraniya Nafi3 Madani in Oran was opened at the presence of Shaikh Abdelkhaleq Madi and cheikh Abdelhakim Dahas.

They offer Quran classes for women, girls, men and boys with separate entrances. The administration is on the Sunnah and there are only people on the manhaj working there.

Quran classes schedule [for women]:
>Sunday and Tuesday morning, from 9am to 13pm.
>Monday and Thursday afternoon from around 13pm to 17pm (after dhuhr until ‘asr).

Schedule for girls:
>Monday, Wednesday and Sunday at 9am.

Arabic classes are available for the muhajiraat only, on Sundays after dhuhr.

The classes are free of charge.
Address: Hay Yasmine, next to the town hall of hay Sabah, the town is called Sid Chahmi (it has nothing to do with Douwar Sidi chahmi care lol).

For further informations contact Hijrah en Algerie – SISTERS ONLY –
Source and informations in French: http://hijra-en-algerie.com/ouverture-madrassa-coraniya-nafi3-madani-2139

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