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Registering children at school in Algeria

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Children in Algeria start school when they are six years old. For example, if you want to register your child to start school in September 2016, his date of birth should be between 01/01/2010 and 31/12/2010. In this case you can register him/her at the Primary School.

The documents to give to the school office are (although we advise to double check with the school your child will attend):

  • child birth certificate
  • parents residency certificate (primary schools allow the registration for children who are local but can accept children from different areas in some circumstances. In that case parents have to discuss it with the headteacher).
  • the school form filled it in by the parents (the school will provide it)
  • child vaccines book or the vaccines certification

If the child comes from a different country and had finished the third year, he will have to start from the previous year (ie; Year 2) in Algeria, but it’s up to the school. Parents can discuss it with the headteacher of course.

Primary School lasts 5 years and at the end of the fifth year, children will have to undertake an exam to allow them to attend the ‘secondary school’ (which would last 4 years). After the ‘secondary school’ there is the final exam that will allow them to move to high school (lycée).

The most important subjects in Primary School (from the school system prospective) are: maths, Arabic language, science, technology and French language.

Children in Algeria use notebooks at school and also for the homeworks. This is up to the class teacher.

Lunch time:  kids at Primary School can have their lunch in the ‘cantine’. The ‘cantine’ is like a small restaurant but it’s a place offered to children who come from poor families or families in need. Other children can go home to eat their lunch. Lunch time (usually) starts at 11:15.

Year 1 and Year 2 kids start school at 8am and stop for lunch at 11:15. Then they are back at 13pm until 14:30pm. Older kids (from Year 3-5) end school at 16pm.
There is no school on Tuesday afternoon, Friday and Saturday (week end in Algeria is on Friday and Saturday, although the real ‘day off’ is on Friday only).

Text Books can be purchased from the school or can be found in libraries. But families with financial issues, poor families and orphans receive books free of charge.

These informations were given by a class teacher from the city of Annaba, may Allah preserve her and reward her. Always check with your local school to make sure you have all the informations you need and all the documents they need in order to register your child.

The Our Algeria Team

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