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“There is always khayr in Algeria” – sister Um Mohamed from Algiers



[An interview with Um Mohammed, an Algerian sister who made hijrah to Algeria after living in Europe for many years. May Allah preserve her and her family, amin!]

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am from Algiers and I live in Algeria. 

What did you miss the most when you were living in a non-Muslim country?

Too many things .. I will say the Adhan and my family especially my parents …

Although you are Algerian ma shaa Allah was it difficult to re-settle in your own contry?

At the beginning yes because I left very young …everything changed and maybe I changed as well but el hamdou li Allah there is always khayr in Algeria and I know that the seed will sprout one day inshaa Allah.

Do your kids attend public school?

No my kids are homeschooled. My husband and I chose this option but the idea came with a sister. I was looking for guides on how to teach the kids, after that we started by creating an educative playgroup…mashaa Allah the kids were happy and we received many people    from different backgrounds but I couldn’t continue with her because of another responsibility (ibtila) then I decided to continue teaching them at home el hamdou li Allah.

Why have you chosen to homeschool them? Is it hard or easy to homeschool them in Algeria?

Homeschooling is hard a bit not only in Algeria …especially if you’ve got more than 2 kids to educate…but as I always say, we will see the progress later when they will grow up not every July of each year…so everything is turning around Duaa and  organisation!

An advice to all the sisters who are planning to move to Algeria?

I adviced myself and the sisters to be very patient because our kids are Amanah and coming to Algeria or any other Muslim country is the best thing you will offer to your kids …stop comparing between two lifestyles. Paradise (Jannah) is above all of that.

Tell us 3 things you love about Algeria?

There are more than 3 things mashaa Allah!!! I love Jumuah’s prayer the sun ,the sea can I add the fish ??

Um Mohamed – Algiers, March 2016 – BarakaAllahu fiha!

2 thoughts on ““There is always khayr in Algeria” – sister Um Mohamed from Algiers

  1. Salamu aleykum,

    hh i like how she said “can i add the fish”!


  2. asalamo alyakom..can i contacte this sister because.i want to make homeschooling.plz.


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