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The Shaikhah had told me she was giving classes at the masjid in Chorfa, and she invited me to attend. Again, like I said before, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew she was going to give a class on the tafsir of Surat al-Baqarah but how it would work in Algeria… Allahu ‘alam. I’ve attended classes in the masajid in the UK but never in Algeria, if not for ‘Eid prayer alhamdulillah.

So…. there we were, 1 mahram for about 8 women (I was the oldest, the others were my lovely nices who are all under 18 ma shaa Allah) travelling to ‘Umar Ibnul Khattab masjid in Chorfa, where exactly the masjid was? … nobody knew! And there we were driving around, stopping at the masajid of the area… Ali Ibn abi Talib… Abu Bakr… ma shaa Allah beautiful names for masajid and then, alhamdulillah, we finally met someone who gave us the right directions ma shaa Allah. So off the car we were, entering the masjid.
The class had already started, the Shaikhah was there, ma shaa Allah. After about 10/15 minutes another ustadhah came and took over. She was the Quran teacher, she would have checked the memorisation of the sisters who were there. I think we were about 40 sisters ma shaa Allah, all sitting aroung the ustadhah. The Shaikhah went to sit too as she was going to be tested on her hifdh ma shaa Allah and so I went to sit next to her. I felt like a baby, I don’t know, I’m not used to be among people of knowledge, I mean in person, so I really wanted to get the best out of that time with that amazing woman allahumma barik laha. When I sat next to her, she told me what was going to happen, she gave me a mushaf and asked ‘would you like to read?’ astaghfirullah I was too shy, I don’t think I would have ever had the ‘breath’ to do so. I told her I knew hafs… She smiled when I told her so.
So the sisters started to recite ma shaa Allah and how amazing was to realise that some of them had the same issues of makharij that I have! May Allah accept our efforts amin!
Something that I still think about is the wudhu facilities, I mean, astaghfirullah, in the UK they all stress about having to make better toilets and wudhu facilities, you feel the ‘pressure’ of all this ‘donating’ for this or that but in that masjid there in Chorfa? The wudhu facility wasn’t a ‘facility’ alhamdulillah, just a small bowl to use to take the water from a big reserve and that’s it! You also had to deal with the ‘jilbab fight’ … you know what I mean: trying to make wudhu while your jilbab touches a wet floor! It was a proof of sabr to be honest but when I think about it .. alhamdulillah, does it really matter? None of those sisters complained! Their niya was to be there to learn Quran, facilities or not! Alhamdulillah! May Allah reward them all amin!

Umm Abdullah

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