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My first halaqah in Arabic – a short story

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oued sly

I entered this house, just there in our neighbourhood, the sister welcomed me with a nice smile on her face and showed me the ‘salon’, the room where the halaqah was going to be. Before entering the room, I saw a ‘hajjah’ sitting on the floor and all the sisters who had arrived before me, stopping by to greet her and kiss her. I joined them of course, alhamdulillah. It’s always nice to meet the old women in Algeria, they are my favourite ma shaa Allah. They always have a lot to tell you about and you can notice the ‘history’ showing on their faces… may Allah give them all al-Fardaws amin.

Anyway…. I entered the room, I didn’t know what to expect but something inside of me was putting me at peace, alhamdulillah. As I entered I saw about 20 sisters (or more) already sitting on the floor, so I started the ‘greeting procedure’ ma shaa Allah. Then a sister invited me to sit next to her in a very friendly way and with a nice smile on her face… I still remember that smile, allahumma barik laha.
Then a sister came to me asking me ‘who are you?’, she was the hostess, I told her who’s ‘zawjah’ I was of and then she mentioned to the Shaikhah that I was there. The Shaikhah told me she could have tried to explain the dars also in French but I refused and she happily started in Arabic only, alhamdulillah. Subhanallah I remember that day as if it was yesterday!

The halaqah started…. all in full clean Arabic, alhamdulillah! Sometimes some algerian sisters, older ones ma shaa Allah, would ask the explanation in algerian but alhamdulillah the Shaikhah continued the whole time in pure Arabic. Few times she stopped asking me if I was understanding…. I was surprised subhanallah, I thought I wouldn’t have understood a single word but Allahu Akbar I think I understood the 70% of the talk. By the way, the subject was ‘Talb al ‘ilm’ ma shaa Allah.

While sitting there I was amazed, how well mannered these sisters were ma shaa Allah, you could say they were very used to this kind of sittings ma shaa Allah. I was the only one there I guess who was so overwhelmed and happy that almost wanted to cry.

That day I ‘discovered’ myself, it was simple, it was ‘algerian’ and most of all it was on the manhaj, alhamdulillah!

Umm Abdullah

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