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Visiting “El Guelta” [Chlef]

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Assalam aleycum,

I have been living in Algeria for the past 2yrs alhamdulillah and this summer, after Ramadan, I’ve visited “El Guelta”, in the wilaya of Chlef, in the west of Algeria. I have spent an amazing week there with my family ma shaa Allah. A week spent enjoying the sea!


Everything was very relaxing and life was very ‘slow’ there ma shaa Allah. From the window of my room there I could see the sea and the masjid, I could hear the adhan as if it was inside the house…


I have met very generous and friendly people but most of all they were very simple and with very good manners, ma shaa Allah.


On the road to “El Guelta” we have come across children and adults selling freshly baked bread, the ‘matlou’, but also wheat and rice they grow themselves, ma shaa Allah.


I went back to Algiers with a bag full of simplicity and in shaa Allah I hope His barakah too, amin!

Umm Youssef

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