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Advice to a [Muslim] Resident in Non-Muslim Lands



It should not be overlooked that traveling to non-Muslim countries, residing there and living amongst them is from the greatest damages and dangerous risks on the religion of the Muslim. Furthermore, his residency there entails damages and calamities which are reflected on his behavior, morality and customs. He is not safe in three of his inviolable limits: body, honor and wealth. Cohabitation –As it is well known– entails conformity, and induces to the degeneracy and the acquisition of the unbelievers’ character as well as to their imitation in their habits, celebrations, to speak their language and to resemble them in their behavior and characters, in addition to what they manifest by way of their disbelief and atheism. …

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2 thoughts on “Advice to a [Muslim] Resident in Non-Muslim Lands

  1. MashaAllah! Jazekunne Allahu khairan!
    Here’s the video in French
    (voici la video en français).

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